Mike Deal

Design director

Verse Chorus Bridge

Vice News

In this ongoing series, artists describe their song, and shapes animate the musical layers.

Obama's Legacy

Vice News

This animated series illustrates Obama's long-term impact on criminal justice, energy, and military strategy. It aired on HBO over three nights during his final week as POTUS.


Side Project

An ongoing series of rap lyric diagrams.

Slow Jams by Whales

Side Project

Whale calls can be transcribed into sheet music. Dive in to hear these pups.

This project is a collaboration with David Rothenberg, one of the world's experts on whale calls. The graphics in this article illustrate musical structure and cultural evolution in our humpback friends. We released an album of some of the best whale song recordings from the past 25 years (sheet music included).

Posters available for purchase.

Published in the The New York Times and The Wire magazine

Featured on German TV, UFA Show & Factual

Presented at Creative Tech Week and the Explorers Club

Music made better


Splice is like Github for musicians. I designed and managed products there, with a team of music oracles.

Here's what an open source song looks like:



Identity design for a promising startup! Designed with the wavy Juan Carlos Pagan.

HOW Magazine,Best Logotypes of 2011

Awarded Type Directors Club 58 Certificate of Excellence 2012

Selected for Print Magazine's Regional Design Annual 2012

World Cup Vital Stats


A reusable graphic system for charting soccer games. Umbro used it in their coverage of the World Cup in South Africa, illustrating each game as the tournament unfolded.

"The Best Visualization of the World Cup" ~Fast Company

Record-setter for Umbro's most trafficked blog post

Published in Data Visualization: Convey, Clarify, Construct, and Data Visualization: A Successful Design Process.

Sports news at a glance


Statlas is a baseball news app I built with Dan Chaparian, Geoff Beck, and Chris Ring.

Y-Combinator nominee, 2014

We no longer maintain the community annotations or real-time features, but we still document every MLB game, as a graphic baseball archive.

"The prettiest MLB box scores you can find." ~Deadspin

"Statlas reveals the statistical beauty that orchestrates every baseball game, all through the power of design." ~Fast Company

Book design & illustration


130 pages of illustrated essays, poetry, and short fiction. All of the illustrations are collages cut from photos of the American Museum of Natural History (animal dioramas and mineral displays).

Featured in the Tate Modern bookstore, London.

Purchase here.

Billboard Charts, redesigned

Billboard and Pentagram

I redesigned the Billboard charts! Billboard was receptive to new visual features to highlight trends.

Design team: Michael Bierut, Laitsz Ho, Lisa Maione, Deva Pardue and Jessica Svendsen.

Charting the Beatles

Side Project

ChartingTheBeatles.com is an ongoing study, using infographics to map musical patterns across the band's history.

Published in National Geographic, Newsweek, Understanding the World(Taschen), Atlas of Knowledge(MIT Press), Data Visualisation: A Handbook for Data-Driven Design,and others.

Featured on Gawker,Brain Pickings,The Guardian,Kottke,and others.

Posters available for purchase.

Trim your electric bill

GE (via Pentagram)

This visual calculator helps illustrate your own home's energy consumption. It's now part of the Museum of Modern Art's collection.

Selected for AIGA's Design Archives

Exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art's "Talk to Me" exhibition

Awarded in AIGA 365: Design Effectiveness (2011)

Awarded in Type Directors Club TDC 57

Directed by Lisa Strausfeld, designed with Hilla Katki, developed by Adam Suharja.

News graphics

Bloomberg Businessweek

A suite of graphic stories for a Businessweek retrospective issue, charting the ripple effects of the 2008 financial collapse.

Shout-outs to the amazing design team: Cynthia Hoffman, Rob Vargas, Allison McCann, Dorothy Gambrell, Evan Applegate, Chris Nosenzo, and Richard Turley + friends. Upper-right piece Cynthia; "eyes" piece: Allison; "icons" piece: Allison and Dorothy; lower map: Evan; photos: Bloomberg photo dept.